Quiz nights

The quiz – we have 6 rounds of 10 questions per round. We always start with Current Affairs, and always end with a music round. In between the rounds we play music. It’s part of the event, always has been, and always will be. If you don’t enjoy music, maybe this quiz is not for you! The music ALSO helps to ensure other teams can’t hear you discuss your answers!

This week’s rounds: WC 16 June 2019)

The Quiz this week is at the Tempest (8:30pm start on Tuesday night). Friday nights quiz at the Cricket Club in Barnoldswick starts at the later time of 9:00pm, but doors are open at 8:00pm – come and join us!

  1. Current Affairs
  2. Pot Luck
  3. History of the World
  4. The Conundrum
  5. Science and Technology
  6. General Musical Knowledge

Mystery Picture

  • Can you identify who or what is pictured (above)? Enter our on-line quiz for a chance of half a dozen free Lucky Numbers tickets – and maybe something else too! Don’t forget though, entries need to be in by 6pm on the night of the quiz you’re planning to enter!
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