Mobile phones

Why a whole page dedicated to mobile phones? Well, it’s a complex issue. Many people use their mobile phone more like an appendage that somehow they can’t do without – not even for a matter of seconds. Others may want to keep track of a sporting event, what the kids are up to and so on. There are myriad reasons why they may feel the need to keep their face glued to their device.

Now – you’re at a quiz night. The golden rule is NO MOBILE PHONES. In our case, this means right up to the end of the quiz until the final scores are read out, together with the answers. There’s a couple of reasons for this, the most important of which is so that there’s no cheating. If anyone uses their mobile to check or obtain answers during a quiz event there’s no polite way to put this – they’re a cheat; and if they win the quiz by obtaining answers over their phone they’re probably a thief too. (Our prizes are so pathetically small it’s difficult to imagine anyone could be branded a thief for effectively stealing our top award, but in essence that’s what they’re doing).

Taking part in a quiz is just the same as any other competitive event; it’s the thrill of the chase to the top spot, which is why we don’t offer big prizes or jackpots. Sadly, despite the fact we’re dishing out virtually nothing in return for your supreme mental efforts, some people still use their mobile or tablet to cheat.

Why no mobile until the end? Well, this is just the way we run our quiz nights. We want to maintain an element of suspense and anticipation. It’s all a show really, and frankly we get a bit of a kick out of the “Ooh’s” and “Ah’s” when we reveal the answers and update the scores. In short, leave it alone, put it in your pocket or bag, and keep it switched off.

Just one final point; while someone may just innocently glance at their phone to read a message, other teams will in all probability think they’re cheating – as will we!